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  • First Chinese Company Listed on Nasdaq in 2022

    The journey to becoming a publicly listed company in the United States offers transformative opportunities for companies to expand and access capital. The paths to going public encompass a variety of strategies, each with its unique advantages, prerequisites, and challenges. Companies must...
    Amazechain has revealed an innovative public mobile blockchain, primed to significantly boost ETH transaction speed to 300,000 TPS, a remarkable 10,000-fold increase. Additionally, it slashes token transfer or gas fees to $0.1, marking a 130-fold reduction from ETH's $13. This achievement is made...
    In the intricate landscape of fundraising, meticulous preparation stands as the cornerstone of success. Before embarking on discussions with potential investors, it's imperative to delve deep into understanding every facet of your business. This entails a comprehensive grasp of not only the...
    Discover how a fractional CFO could be the game-changer in your fundraising efforts. With their deep understanding of financial strategy, investor relations, and financial modelling, they can significantly boost your chances of fundraising success. Here's a brief overview of the options they...
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    CFO Financial Services

    Tailored to Your Corporate Finance Needs

    Affordable part-time model, increase cash, profit and valuation, build the business that enables you to live the life you choose

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    SBLC Bank Instruments

    Customized SBLC Financing Solutions

    Consulting on SBLC for lease and purchase partnering with global providers and mandates, and providing financing for international commodity trading and large projects at low rates

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    Capital Raising

    US Public Listing via IPO, SPAC and OTC

    Consulting clients on Private Placement Programs (PPP), Investor Presentations, Feasibility Study, Equity Valuation and Financing
























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    As a leading financial service provider, we offer part-time CFO services, Capital Market services, and Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) financing consulting services. Our mission is to provide the finest solutions tailored to your financial aspirations.


    Through strategic application of our global resources, we've fostered a thriving financial service and investment partnership, tailored to meet the demands of our current and prospective clients.


    Our dedicated team is here to guide you through your financial dilemmas and strategize effective solutions. With the relentless pace and competitiveness of the global financial market, we champion an open-minded approach, striving to provide innovative financial solutions. These include project financing, SBLC/BG, Private Placement Programs (PPP), and public listings such as IPOs, SPACs, and OTC.


    We express our sincere gratitude for your interest in our financial services. We take pride in our innovative approach towards delivering sustainable and efficacious financial solutions across the globe.






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